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16-Inch (3-6 yr. old)

KEY FEATURES: - JR16 Coaster#Alloy 606 - Rigid Fork / HiTen - Single Speed - F: V-Brake R: Coaster The SCOTT Roxter 16 is our truly functional bike for smaller riders who like a race-inspired style. Please note that bike specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Get Rolling With one-speed simplicity, a coaster brake and an easy-to-use hand brake, this lightweight ripper is perfect for building skills and having fun. Where it thrives: In town, Leisurely rides What it's built for: Comfort, Handling Highlights - Light, durable SmartForm C3 Alloy frame with tool-less training wheels - Rear coaster brake and hand brake - 16" alloy rims with versatile multi-surface tires
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